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I finally got it finished! It took longer than I had expected but the end result, I think, was worth the extra time.

It has the hammer tone grey powder coat, blue paint scheme and relocated air box features like the last one, plus I added a Scott's steering damper(cut 1' out of the front of the tank and re welded to make room for the  damper mast).  I added a quick release mechanism to the  air box cover. Just push the button and it pops off. I welded  a mount to the swing arm for a 250 chain tensioner and used a modified 250 chain guide block in the chain guard. The right side number plate was heated and bent to cover the stinger. It should give better protection to  the riders leg). The front brake is positioned on the left side.

The HT3 stinger had to be bent in to fit the 03 frame and I cut and re welded the end so that the silencer would line up straight. I cut the stock mounting bracket off the silencer and made my own mounts.

With these last two projects, I've tried to build in ideas that I haven't seen on other bikes or to change some things that I thought could be done differently. That's what makes it fun for me.

I forgot to mention that  It has 12" of ground clearance (didn't expect that much.  Must be the knobbies) and it weighs in at 205 lbs dry. Not too bad for a bike with a steel tank and rear fender.


All that is left to do, is the break in and some minor tweaks and adjustments.