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Customer:  Will a left (shifter) side cover from an Ace 100 fit on a similar year Model 96 Dirt Squirt 100?

The main difference is that the Ace 100 had a one up for low pattern where the 94, 95, 96, 97 and 98 had the one down for low.  Overall the shift covers are interchangeable except for two things.  Like I first said, the shifting will be reversed from the standard 96 Dirt Squirt and the fasteners used to bolt the shift cover to the center case will change.  The 96 DS uses one (46)0670 and two (46)0660 where the early Ace 100 used one (46)0645 and two (46)0660. 
Any other questions let me know.  Take care, Bill.

Customer:  If you ever get a decent condition left side case, please let me know. I would rather have the original shift pattern on the bike.

HPI:  Give me a day to see what’s available?  What condition is your old one in?  Maybe there’s a chance we can repair it.

Once you have a couple good pictures of the case you can make a judgement on which way to go.  Personally I would like to see it repaired.  They’re hard to find and after repair they come out pretty good.  I’m not trying to sell you something here but if I were having it repaired I would have whoever does it bore and bush where the shift lever comes out.  That requires disassembly, cleaning and reassembly which is a good time to find other problems. 

Two things can cause Hodaka’s to shift poorly.  By far the most common is the shifter case being worn.  The shifter shaft wobbles around in the aluminum case causing a wear pattern.  Internal parts such as the shifter guide or the shift change ratchet can be worn and cause sloppy gear selection. The second  weak link is the ball receiver inside the control shaft.  On rebuilds we cover both areas but we want to do this as cost effective as we can for you.  My point of rebuilding he case now is that it'll eliminate at least one of the common shift problems.  Take care, Bill. 

Customer:  Here's a quick pics of the case.  It's hard to see the crack in it from this angle. I'll get a good pic of it tomorrow and send it. Thanks!