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Model 02 Road Toad 100cc Engine >M-12001 and Engine >L-24201

Figure A.
Cylinder / Side Covers
Figure B.
Piston / Crank / Clutch
Figure C.
Transmission /
Kick Assembly
Figures D and E.
Ignition / Air Cleaner
Figure F.
Figure M.
Frame / Fender
Figure N.
Bars / Forks / Fender
Figure P.
Cables / Levers / Throttle
Figure Q.
Tank / Seat
Figure R1.
Shocks / Swingarm
Figure R2.
Exhaust / Chain
Figure S1.
Wheel Assemblies
Figure S2.
Wheel Assemblies
Figure T.
Headlight / Speedometer /
Figure U.
Electrical / Wiring / Taillig
Figure V.
Tools / Mud Guards /